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Trust Formation and Trustee Service

Trusts serve a myriad of purposes for financial, estate, retirement, and tax planning. They are a useful solution for ensuring that assets are professionally managed across generations and distributed in line with the settlor’s intentions. A trust that is properly constituted and managed will protect your assets during your lifetime and extend your legacy for future generations. Some of the key benefits of establishing a trust are:

  • To protect and preserve assets
  • Avoid the probate process
  • Customize and control wealth distribution
  • Minimize tax liabilities
  • Preserve privacy and confidentiality in the transfer of wealth
British Virgins law facilitates various types of trusts, including the innovative VISTA Trust. Somasi provides a comprehensive suite of services to create and administer trusts, including:

  • Creation and administration of various forms of BVI trusts
  • Professional Trustee service
  • Trust accounting
  • Incorporation of Private Trust Companies

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