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Professional Directorship Service

There are many benefits to having a professional director on the Board of your company. Professional directors can provide a range of industry specific expertise relevant to your business, as well as provide an element of economic substance that is necessary for some types of structures.

At Somasi, we offer both individual and corporate directorship service. Our directors are highly skilled in varying fields of business and provide effective, efficient, and proactive support on the ground in the British Virgin Islands. They possess comprehensive industry specific knowledge, and a thorough understanding of the practicalities of the BVI’s corporate regime and regulatory environment.
We understand that it is never a ‘one size fits all’ situation. As such, we provide both individual (personal) directors with varying professional backgrounds and experience, and corporate directors. Whether it is simply a regular holding company, an investment business entity, a fintech or crypto entity, or a special purpose vehicle, we can provide an independent professional director to enhance your management team.
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